reedAR. 18, Rhode Island, US. Co-Founder & Senior Editor.

AR is a pop punk enthusiast from the east coast.

Passions Pit: creepy queer kids, technicolor hair, debating the merits of Vans and Converse.

Writes About: the punk scene, television, and queer rights.

Find Me Elsewhere: blog, twitterlast.fmgoodreads

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Chelsea. 24, New Hampshire, US. Staff Writer.

Chelsea is a vegan food enthusiast, aspiring medieval scholar and the proud mother of four cats.

Look How Cool This Stuff Is: bowties, body positivity, the cult of saints, pin up girls, holy relics, post-structuralism, incorruptibility, hearses, pink pyrex, post-colonial theory, 50s fashion and fountain pens.

Writes About: food, mostly. Yum.

Find Me Elsewhere: tumblrinstagram.


DevonDevon. 18, Rhode Island, US. Staff Writer.

Devon is a written arts/lit major at Bard College. He has written an uncomfortable amount of letters to Winona Ryder. He owns a cactus with his roommate named Harvey.

Writes About: sad stuff.

Find Me Elsewhere: tumblr.


IMG_20130922_215645Kaitlin. 22, Arizona, US. Staff Writer.

Kaitlin is an English major who wears cardigans and loves dynamic duos. She hopes to become an excellent writer of mysteries, as well as a pet-owner. Dreams of travelling more.

Loves: The Clash, conversation, mythology, Gwen Stacy, and Coyotes hockey.

Writes About: education, representations in the media and criticisms of media, critiques of the American university system, and discussion of university services, travel.

Find Me Elsewhere: twitter.


Lottie-StaffLottie. 22, Manchester, UK. Contributor.

Lottie is a feminist, English student and pop culture junkie. Passionate advocate of fanfiction, sex positivity and yorkshire tea.

Loves: telly, movies, books; talking about telly, movies, books; and patrick wolf.

Writes About: unsurprisingly: telly, movies, books; also feminism, sexuality, celebrities (oh yeah), and food, probably.

Find Me Elsewhere: twittergoodreadstumblr.

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PamPamela. 19, Ontario, Canada. Social Media Manager & Staff Writer.

Pamela is studying English, History, and Canadian Studies. In her free time, she likes to slay dragons, make tea, and capture every minuscule moment of her cats’ lives on film. Currently, she is trying to perfect the art of drawing even eyeliner. She hopes to one day become a high school English teacher and a writer.

Loves: sappy teen dramas, girl bands, Niall Horan’s accidental tweets, Kate Beaton, and intersectionality.

Writes About: Canadian politics, representation of race in media, feminism, literature, and popular culture.

Find Me Elsewhere: twitter.


Payge-StaffPayge. 18, Ontario, Canada. Contributor.

Payge is a short little unapologetic fun vampire and liker of things. She’s particularly enthusiastic about the merits of cold tea, comic books, K-pop, Thai food, boys who have beards, calling people out on the Internet and the smell of old books. You can find her, usually, in her room on the Internet and jamming out to either girl power pop music or angry punk songs.

Also Enamored With: secondary characters in novels, urban fantasy young adult fiction, Korean dramas, learning about World War II and good hair.

Writes About: comic books, geek culture, K-pop, Canadian politics, sexuality and gender, queer representation in the media.

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RachelRachel. 22, California, US. Contributor.

Rachel is an enthusiastic queer from southern California. She’s been described as the ginger love child of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. When she’s not neck deep in a vat of iced coffee she dresses like a drunk history professor and raises dogs.

Delights In: squash, Rachel Maddow, dinosaurs, collecting mugs and Disneyland.

Writes About: Female representation in media, banned books, teenagers and public schools.

Find Me Elsewhere: twitter.


samSamantha. 23, New Hampshire, US. Co-Founder & Senior Editor.

Samantha is a customer service queen and part-time baker. She has a Bachelor of Arts from a four-year liberal arts university and wants nothing more than to study Shakespeare for the rest of her life.

Bold As Love: wine, pop punk, boy bands, reading, body modification, travel, recycling, dogs, sea creatures, food.

Writes About: music, representation of women in media, language, cultural trends.

Find Me Elsewhere: twitterthe verbal thinglast.fmgoodreads.

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sarahSarah. 20, Hertfordshire, UK. Staff Writer.

Sarah is a music lover, forever being seen with chocolate in one hand, and tea in the other. Currently a student studying literature and film, with a secret (not-so-secret) aspiration to write lyrics…which usually turns to solo dance parties.

Loving: concerts, comedy, books, walking, dogs, dancing like a freak. Oh, and Ryan Gosling, of course.

Writes About: the naivety of youths, ignorance and arrogance in relation to media, music reviews, struggles for teens.

Find Me Elsewhere: twittertumblr.


William-StaffWilliam. 23, California, US. Senior Editor.

William is a sloth-obsessed queer queerspawn who will talk about the epicness of his cats for far, far too long. He’s been ranting for quite some time about feminism, politics, and how words should actually mean things. Claims he can’t write without something distracting in the background.

Additional Fanaticism About: Janelle Monáe, YouTube, finding the politics in any movie, tea and coffee

Writes About: the Internet, pop culture, the kyriarchy, and how to make a stiff drink.

Find Me Elsewhere: twitterbloggerygoodreads.

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