our mission

We strive to create a culture for dissecting and discussing pop culture, politics, and more.

letter from the editors

Velociriot! was conceived of by Reed and Samantha, two best friends who wanted to focus on creating a blogging project together. That initial idea transformed into this website, where posts are made on an almost daily basis that analyze and critique culture, politics, history, and more. Subject matter in posts ranges from cultural appropriation to musical empowerment to feminist and LGBT* issues from across the board. Whether we’re focusing on political headaches that should have been avoided, Twitter accounts that we think you should check out, gossip rags that are getting it all wrong, or food and drink recipes that will make your stomach grumble, we’ll always bring the most up-to-date, relevant and interesting content to the web that we can find.

Velociriot! has already been publishing since mid-2012, and we’ve created a unique niche in online discussion. We mix together Buzzfeed’s up-to-the-minute pop culture, Tumblr’s social justice perspective, and traditional journalistic practices. From breaking down how “Peeta Mellark is the Ophelia to Katniss Everdeen’s Hamlet” to reporting on sexual harassment in nightclubs, Velociriot is political and pop culture news for millennials that’s actually written by them.

We’re always open to suggestions for topics to cover or things to include, so feel free to email us with any comments, concerns, or questions. (You can find our personal emails on the staff page.) Please follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. We’ll be updating both regularly with posts as well as links and other useful tidbits that we pick up along the way. Thanks for visiting Velociriot and we hope you enjoy your stay!


Here’s what we’re about: less bullshit, more riots and dinosaurs.


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