eMotional Music Mondays: Get off my TV, Lena Dunham

Hey geeks and peeps alike. It’s Monday, meaning it’s sad music time. Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

So today, I don’t have a whole lot to talk about, but I think that all this music I am about to discuss is very good and should definitely be listened to.

The National – Alligator

The National are one of my favorite bands of all time and justifiably so. Matt Berninger, singer and songwriter, has an amazing voice to match beautifully honest lyrics, all to the tune of calming and relaxing music. Alligator was their first foray into the mainstream after releasing two albums that were relatively unnoticed (One of them was called Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers. So if you don’t think that they’re emotional after that, then I don’t know what you want).

OK Go – “Last Leaf” (Of the Blue Colour of the Sky)

OK Go is most often known for their fun, adventurous music and videos, but on their last album, they tried out new ideas with their music. Some music was more psychedelic and less poppy, but a standout track was “Last Leaf”. It’s a beautiful acoustic song that is a nice addition to all the loud guitars and drums. The lyrics are very minimal and a tad cheesy, but nonetheless, it’s a short and sweet song that should be song to everyones crush at some point.

Henry Birdsey – Queen of Vices

Here’s where I show my bias. In my first post, I discussed Henry Birdsey. Henry is a close friend and classmate at Bard College (I am currently working on an EP with him [shameless plug]), but his music is some of the best I’ve heard. His music is very ambient and guitar-oriented, featuring hushed vocals and very personal lyrics. I for one am glad to have heard his music before he hits the big time. Definitely check out his new song (released on Sunday night) along with his other work. You won’t be disappointed.

That’s it for me this week. Keep on keeping on and try not to watch the Grammy’s next Sunday. It won’t be good. It never is.

Mellow out.

Devon Mello out.


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