Feel Good Friday: Make it your own


TBONTBThis week, I finally sat down to read Ryan North’s To Be or Not to Be and discovered that the choose-your-own-adventure Hamlet isn’t so much a book as it is a game. And it’s a hilarious game, at that. Given the option to play as Ophelia, Hamlet, or Hamlet Sr. (the ghost) — though sometimes you might end up playing someone else, like Claudius — you make your way through the classic story by making a series of choices. And every series of choices gives you a different ending. Some are sensible. Some are absolutely hysterical. But it seems like there are near-endless combinations of choices and endings — enough to keep you cackling under the covers until 2 a.m., much like yours truly. — Samantha

Fandom Culture

MLRThis post has been making the rounds on tumblr and even Facebook, as of late. I don’t even know where to start with it (as a reclamation of “My Little Pony” fanart from Bronies? Femme velociraptors? Visual mashups?), but we should all take a moment to appreciate that it was tagged “clever girls”. — William


This new James Blake song makes me happy. — Devon

Nina Nesbitt is a 19 year-old singer-songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland, who started out writing and recording songs in her bedroom and uploading videos to YouTube. She has released two EPs, The Apple Tree and Stay Out Her debut LP, Peroxide, is due out Feb. 17. “Selfies” is the first single from the upcoming album and it’s literally a song about unapologetically taking ‘selfies’ as a form of self-care — especially when, as the lyrics of song explain, “all my pride was burned by you.” It’s upbeat and the lyrics are catchy enough to sing along and dance. After all, there’s nothing better than taking a ‘selfie’ (and belting out a good pop tune) to make yourself feel better. — Pamela


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