Velociriot Editorial Note: Happy New Year!

Hey readers! It’s 2014?!

You might have noticed that Velociriot has been a bit quiet the past few weeks. The holidays were a busy, busy time for all of us on staff and we apologize for the radio silence. But we’re back with massive goals for the new year that we’re excited to share with you. In upcoming weeks, we’ll be completing the final stages of rehauling the site layout and moving our content to a new host. We’ll also be sending out perks to those of you who were kind enough to donate to our IndieGoGo campaign (and we thank you so much for your patience!).

Additionally, we’ll be featuring more content that will be better than ever. In 2014, we aim to:

  • Feature more interviews
  • Create a digital zine (that will eventually, hopefully, be converted to print)
  • Establish a stronger and more consistent social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr
  • Collaborate with other millennials and bloggers for a more interactive reading experience
  • Continue bringing you pop culture news with a political agenda

We are so thankful for your continued support and hope that you stick around. It’s a new year, and Velociriot is ready for a new start. Let’s do this.

The Velociriot Editorial Staff



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