Feel Good Friday: YouTube-friendly!

dftba_obamaPresident Obama has done quite a bit of online organizing over the past couple of years — from doing an IAmA on Reddit during the campaign this fall to just yesterday, participating in a Fireside Hangout on Google Plus (a nod to Roosevelt’s fireside chats). Google appears to have selected the additional participants who asked the president a few questions each over the nearly hour long hangout. Among them were John Green, the author of The Fault in Our Stars, Limor Fried, CEO of the small New York-based Adafruit Industries, and Jacky Guerrero, an activist-writer who runs the multilingual and LGBT*-focused Qulture.

Both Fried and Guerrero posed excellent questions about the need for and means of implementing various policies, on topics from software patenting to same-sex couple’s immigration rights. In a very real way, women were central to discussing rather important issues of the day, and in Guerrero’s case got a commitment out of Obama to LGBT*-inclusive immigration reform within four or five months. Beyond that though, the women involved made the whole discussion incredible from a fan’s perspective. Fried asked essentially how the President’s daughters were doing in school and whether they’d considered working in science or engineering, which led to Obama adorably discussing his family and their plans for the future for a few minutes. 

At the very end though, Sarah Green, John Green’s wife, crashed the hangout, and really brought the cuteness by asking the President for input on baby names for the daughter she’s expecting shortly. It was honestly a rare treat to see her. After all, John Green refers to Sarah on his blog as “the Yeti” because of her usual disinterest in being seen on camera. It’s still interesting, at least for me, to put a face to the occasional voice that popped into his videos, usually with a concise phrase if not a perfectly chosen single word. — William


I have many great passions in life, each more ridiculous than the next. Perhaps one of strangest is my obsession with cat videos on YouTube. Seriously, I am lose whole days in flurry hilarity. This one is a particular gem and after my somewhat serious blog post this week why not entice you readers with a gold-plated, diamond-bright video of a cat hiding behind a washing line? Set to music, of course. Perfection. — Chloe


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