Feel Good Friday: February’s already fabulous

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As part of the fun, photosets and ficlets have cropped up all over the place -- this beauty features Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, out for revenge.

As part of the fun, photosets and ficlets have cropped up all over the place — this beauty features Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, out for revenge.

One of the awesome things going on this week has been the beginning of Femslash February, which is a month-long effort of sorts to emphasize relationships between female characters. Mostly concentrated on Tumblr, it’s a whirlwind of heart-wrenching fanfiction (fan fiction?), carefully crafted sets of .gifs, and even the odd poem. If you don’t mind the occasionally very Not Safe For Work/School picture, I’d recommend searching Tumblr for “femslash february” and letting the excellent stuff that’s being put together wash over you.

In the past few days, I’ve come across a few really interesting works. If you want to have a nice good cry, I really have to recommend this poem inspired by Nakoma and Pocahontas. On the other hand, if you want everything to be cuteness and nothing to ever hurt, you can’t go wrong with some sweetness between Marceline and Princess Bubblegum of “Adventure Time”.

Aside from those two, there really is nothing like a well-done image set to make you suddenly see a show in a whole new light. It’s pretty difficult not to see poignant graphics of Gigi and Lydia (of “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”) and think about how they’ve faced similar struggles without ever directly knowing one another. What if they did? Likewise, there are some .gifs of “Parks and Recreation” that make it pretty clear — Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins are actually the closest characters on the show. What if they like-liked each other?

To cap all of this off, there’s been news this week that the then-nameless TV show pitched to ABC in the fall that involved a lesbian couple and their multiple children hasn’t died in development hell, but will be an actual thing that actually exists on actual televisions this summer. Actually. Next Femslash February looks like it might be even more promising than this one! — William  


In England and Wales this week, another step towards equality was made. The bill for the legalization of gay marriage was passed in the House of Commons with a 225 majority vote. Currently in the UK, same-sex couples can gain a civil partnership, which means they are bound in the eyes of the law only. The new bill means that these couples will able to get married in church. The fight is not over, as the bill still needs to reach a majority vote in the House of Lords to become a fully-fledged law, which features 26 spiritual leaders. However, it is undeniable that this is a fantastic leap for LGBT rights. Prime Minister David Cameron said, “I would pay tribute to all those people who have actually made this case, some of them for very many years, saying they want their love to count the same way that a man and a woman’s love for each other counts.” For me, this could not be happier news; I am proud to live in a country that sees marriage in its most fundamental terms: an union between two people who love each other, no matter their genders. And now, of course, with my gay friends being able to marry, it’s more of an excuse to buy MORE obnoxious hats for their eventual weddings. — Chloe


#watchcommunityNBC’s “Community” is an artfully crafted show. Peppered with subtle references and larger scale references, such as the season three episode structured like a “Law & Order” episode, “Community” exists as an anti-“Big Bang Theory”. While TBBT makes the nerd characters the brunt of its laugh-track backed jokes, “Community” never makes its target audience the subject of its jokes. In 2012, “Community” was almost cancelled; the creator of the show was fired. The ratings weren’t great; the fans were mostly people online and from other countries–it wasn’t getting the success Fox’s “The Big Bang Theory” was. (That’s still a mystery to me.) That in mind, the show’s fandom started to campaign to keep the show on the air. They started a Twitter hashtag #sixseasonsandamovie that went wild; they made petitions and set up blogs and built buzz for the show. It’s been a rocky road to see “Community” return, and while it’s not the same, it’s still my show and it’s back. — Amanda


I already waxed poetic about the return of Fall Out Boy in an earlier post this week, but I couldn’t help mentioning them yet again for this week’s Feel Good Friday. I have spent all week listening to the band’s new single, “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)”. On repeat. I’ve also been listening to Fall Out Boy’s entire discography pretty much non-stop, but I’m the type to obsess over new material even as I’m getting nostalgic for all my old favorites. This time is no exception. My Last.fm account is just a testament to my love for FOB right now… I can’t wait to see them live for the second time in May; they’re headlining one of my favorite Boston venues and it’s going to be amazing. — Sam

Okay, so I know I did Kpop last week, but — I like Kpop. Anyone who knows me knows I like Kpop. Also, this isn’t even technically Kpop; it’s a Kpop group re-releasing a single in Japanese, so it’s Jpop. So does this count as me doing Kpop twice? No. No it doesn’t. But getting back to the point, I used to love One Direction. And you know what got me with One Direction? A beach. Five cute boys running around on a beach being endearing and lovely was just – it was so wonderful for me. So, when I started drifting into the world of Kpop, my good friend linked me to a video of a group I was already quite fond of. What was the setting? A beach. That’s the luxurious story of how I became enamored with INFINITE. From Sungyeol’s ugly little pony tail and Dongwoo’s horrible hat, to surfboards and bicycles, this video was obviously shot with me in mind. It has brightened every single one of my weeks for the last four months. I had to mention it at some point. — Payge


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