Thirsty Thursday: Put some schnapps in it

47172a6f32c7de91a8026c8c0c75d4b0Has anyone ever seen that episode of “Portlandia”, “Put a Bird On It”? If you haven’t, you should take a look. It’s incredibly funny, especially when one looks at recent fashion trends. Want to sell more stuff? Just put birds on anything. Hipsters will be all over it. Want to make something more aesthetically pleasing? Put a bird on it! Not sure what tattoo to get? Put a bird on it.

In my own life, I’ve adopted a similar mantra when it comes to making and mixing alcoholic drinks. Because I prefer sweet drinks, I often find myself trying to find delicious, flavorful additions for my coffee, tea, and occasional soda. I’m not a big proponent of drinking straight alcohol, unless it’s beer, and then I’m very picky about the kind of beer I like to drink.

But if you put a bottle of Dekuyper in front of me, I’ll likely drink it by itself.

I’ll also add it to lemonade, Sprite, Coca Cola, Pepsi, various kinds of tea, coffee… You name it and I can suggest a type of schnapps to add to it. Got a bottle of Bailey’s? Time for some Irish coffee! In the mood for something citrusy? Combine lemonade and some Peachtree schnapps for a super sweet, slightly bitter cocktail. Want a root beer float? Try root beer schnapps in place of actual root beer and get a little tipsy on your dessert.

Basically, when it comes to drinks? Put some schnapps in it! You’ll never go wrong.


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